History outerwear The story of outerwear goes way back in human history: more than 100 thousand years ago coats of animal skins in combination with thigh bands served as primitive…

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Men's clothing in Oriental style - online store "IndiaStyle"
Sense of style and comfort is inherent not only women but also men, but because of a strong half of mankind can not appreciate the benefits that gives East men's…

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Swimwear 2014: choose a swimsuit

Bathing suit is a special type of clothing, because with its help it is difficult to hide the flaws, rather, it opens them up for General viewing. So choose the right swimsuit for girls who want to be irresistible in any situation, gently, with a special “addiction”.

Beach fashion this year

This summer in fashion such swimwear that differ “minimalism” in detail and a flair of style. In this case, as in the rest of the clothes, the preference for bright colors and intricate drawings. To distract attention from the small flaws can, if you choose the right accessories. 2014 fashion is the use of massive cervical jewelry and bracelets not only in conjunction with dresses, casual clothing, but also on the beach. Also give your original image if you tie on a colorful head scarf to match the swimsuit in the form of a turban. Another fashion accessory this summer is bezel with large colorful flowers.

That to themselves swimwear, fashion all different styles: combined and separate from the bodice of the bandeau (strapless) and classic on the straps. You just do not forget that style of the swimsuit, as well as any other item of clothing, you need to choose for your body to hide her flaws and emphasize beauty.

Women’s swimwear

Never go out of fashion swimwear open. Their first advantage is that they help to demonstrate the shape, and the second – with a girl can actually get an even tan all over the body. At the peak of popularity remains swimsuit, the top of which “deprived” of straps (“neck”). But he is more suited for girls with smaller Breasts as “heavy” chest hard to hold without straps. Women with smaller Breasts can visually add volume using the strapless bodice with ruffles or draping.

The ladies with curvaceous best to make your choice in favor of classic swimwear with wide straps and cups, well supporting the breast. Especially popular this year, bathing suits, knitted inserts or swimwear, made of macramé.

If the purpose of your trip to the beach games, swimming, beach volleyball, etc., you should pay attention to the closed (fused) swimwear that tea you can buy in special sports shops. These models are useful only for active recreation in the Park or the beach. To emphasize a small waist even through closed swimwear, if you choose a model with a round or oval cut-outs on the sides. But do not think that sports swimsuit is only a Conjoint model: they are separate, but the upper part is made in the form of t-shirts, well holding the chest, made of thick stretchy fabric.

As to the colors of swimwear, romantic natures suitable prints, dots, stripes or floral colors. Solid color swimwear can be also quite interesting. The mod is now pink, white, turquoise and lemon shades bathing suits.