To buy clothes
Online shop second hand and water in a weight! One well-known folk wisdom says: "Man meet on clothes, and escorted to the mind." And if knowledge, skills, experience is something…

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Fashion bags: what is the trend to choose
There is always "that woman" - you know who you are talking about. The woman that always looks great, the woman who can turn an unremarkable dress in magnificent attire,…

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Favorite store brand clothes

Store brand clothing is the favorite store of every fashionista. No woman will pass by such a great temptation. If not to buy, then at least look at a variety of branded clothing from famous designers.

Every prestigious store brand clothing is a unique design solutions – a collection of different stylistic directions. Exclusive evening dresses, dresses for holiday and every day, extravagant costumes, professional, evening and business style clothing for sports – all products trend colours and is made from highest quality materials. Use for sewing fashion apparel interesting pieces and trendy accessories makes it recognizable and unique.

Belonging to a well-known trademark or brand does not mean that all clothing is very expensive and to allow it to himself can only units, there are various brand clothing shops to suit a range of budgets and tastes. Ukrainian designers have managed to adapt branded clothing to the capabilities of most consumers. While clothing does not lose its own characteristics depending on the brand. Branded clothes are always fashionable, high-quality, but not always expensive.

Individual, unique style declared themselves branded clothing from the collection of one of the leading Ukrainian designers Anna magpies. Romantic, feminine, innocent Flirty outfits brand “Anna Sorel” stand out amid the collections of other designers. The vivid images created by the Fashion House “Anna Sorel”, has captivated many of the fair sex. For them, every single brand store “Anna Sorel offers seasonal collections and fashion news. None of the presents Anna Soroka models does not look boring, amaze both modern and classic styles, emphasizing the figure. The main highlight of the collection “Anna Sorel” – a harmonious combination of different materials and original accessories.

Brand name wholesale clothing is one of the effective tools that uses Fashion House Anna Sorel” to ensure that its products have been available to fans across the country. Any store when purchasing goods in bulk gets a big discount. For example, if you order items in bulk, amounting to more than 8.0%. UAH. – 30% discount. If purchased in bulk goods in the amount of 12.0 tees. UAH the discount is 40%; 16.0 tees. UAH. -50%. Wholesale trade is mutually beneficial cooperation with a reliable partner “Anna Sorel”.