Fashion bags: what is the trend to choose
There is always "that woman" - you know who you are talking about. The woman that always looks great, the woman who can turn an unremarkable dress in magnificent attire,…

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Choose branded clothing from China
Often heard complaints of Chinese quality, when you break off a piece from a cheap toy or fails  purchased from dealers. However, in any country where you can buy closet…

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A story of skirts

According to the history of fashion, skirt as garment women appeared five hundred years ago. However, the similarity of the skirt was already among the ancient people. A vivid example is the loincloth or shenti, which can be considered the prototype of the mini skirt. Only in those days, clothes are not divided into male and female, and the same items of clothing worn by both sexes.

The appearance of the skirt as the subject of a woman’s wardrobe is attributed to the 16th century. It differs from the dress or tunic was the way of mounting: skirt fastened at the waist. In Spain, the trendsetter, the first skirt was sewn on dense cover with an insert wooden or metal hoops. These skirts were narrow at the waist and extended downward. No sewing equipment had not yet been used, and all skirts were sewn by hand. In France, the skirts were easier, because sewing was used lightweight material. And later all fashion frame skirt came to Germany and called “skirt” entered the Russian language it is from German.

In the mid-17th century timber frame form goes out of fashion and are replaced with straight skirts with skirts and skirts, draped on the sides. In the 18th century there is a new invention – the skirt on firmach (flexible plate made of metal collected in the frame). Later in fashion are transparent dresses, exceptionally light and soft lines. Naturally, printers textile did not then exist, and the methods of painting were more simple than it is now. Despite this, every woman can choose the color and pattern of the skirt to your taste.

In the mid-18th century again comes to fashion luxury clothes. Appear skirt with crinoline (hair cover). Later they improved, there are straight skirt, decorated with cloth and box pleat. And in 1913 in fashion slim skirt, invented the Field Poiret.

In the 20th century fashion skirt changes again: corsets are cancelled, reduced in length. The famous Coco Chanel styles elegant medium-length skirts, and pleated skirts. Using sergers price which by that time was available, the designers made the skirt with different inserts. Later, after the Second World war, appears the famous tweed suit with a narrow skirt.

In reducing the length of the skirt on all went Mary Quant, who invented the mini-skirt. And since 1965 such models short skirts are not inferior in popularity of the Maxi and MIDI. During the 20th century forms of skirts continued to evolve, depending on the imagination of the designers.

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