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Dresses are always in fashion In every girl's wardrobe should be dresses, as this garment like no other gives lightness, femininity and style . Designers declared major trends this year…

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The 2014 fashion Clothing for ladies full
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Tips on how to choose leather jacket

Leather jacket – simply irreplaceable thing in everyday life, which is more than one year. Leather jacket handy as outerwear every day, and as the jacket with the evening dress. Having several models of leather jackets, you will be able to make a variety of stylish sets. And we will tell you how to choose a leather jacket, if you are thinking about buying a new to meet your daily needs and have been happy with its quality.

What kind of leather jacket you need?

To start to define the style of leather jackets, starting from where you plan to wear. If you need to get to work on foot or by public transport, you will satisfy insulated elongated model leather jacket. Shortened versions of leather jackets by type Bolero will be of interest to those looking for something new not for every day and for special occasions.

Determine the price limit

The price of the jackets of leather may vary from a few thousand to several tens of thousands of rubles, depending on the brand of the manufacturer, skin type, quality tailoring and finishing. To buy a leather jacket at the best price better in the season of sales in mid-winter or summer.

If there is no discount, but you are severely limited in the means, examine the drains and outlets of famous brands. If the jacket is classic and made soundly, then no one will notice that it is from an old collection.

Black leather jackets never go out of fashion, and produces them almost every brand that makes clothing.

Find your own style leather jackets

When choosing a leather jacket, consider your body type and do not forget to emphasize it.

The owners of type shape “Hourglass” will fit fitted to the shape of the jackets, including cut on the bias.

The shape type “Pear” need to pay attention to leather jackets with wide surround riding in a convertible collar, breast pockets or leather frills. The bottom edge of the leather jacket should not be the widest place on the thigh, because visually it will make the hips more.

“Pears” it will not hurt to complement leather jacket twisted around the neck long scarf or chunky knit scarf.

Girls with type shape “Inverted triangle”, it is recommended to look for a leather jacket with trim at the bottom again, this may be pockets, Basque or fur trim. Will suit jacket with vertical lines cut at the top and a horizontal bottom. The sleeve Raglan will help to hide broad shoulders.

The owners of type shape “Apple” it is necessary to lengthen the silhouette and hide the tummy. For these purposes serve to measure fitted leather jacket with belt or decorative elements in the region of the waist. Styles of jackets with vertical lines and extra long model jackets will make your body slimmer.

Decide on color leather jacket

Rely on your color type in the color selection of leather jackets. The color type “Summer” wear cool, pale shades. Spring favors bright colors, as well as gray and brown. The color type “Winter” will fit dark shades of blue, green or red, black and dark brown color. The color type “Autumn” best all the colors that belong to the foliage colors: brown, yellow, dark green, cherry.

Carefully when fitting

Do not buy a leather jacket in a size smaller in the hope that it will last for you. The jacket does not restrict your movements, even if you put it on quite a warm sweater. The sleeve should not messes up when you raise your arms, otherwise the jacket you small.

Inspect before buying the seams, the lining and the hardware of the jacket. There are many ways to check the authenticity of the leather products that may be useful to you. Drip a little water on the surface of the jacket. Genuine leather will absorb moisture and change the color to a darker one, and the leather does not react. Nail gently RUB the surface of the skin good dressing should not peel off and it should not leave scratches. Natural skin and transmits heat well, so if you put the palm and the skin underneath becomes warm, then before you a quality product.

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