Fashion 1983
This section is devoted to two topics: clothing for young and elegant clothes, 1983. This connection is not accidental - the youth and fancy clothes are always the most acute…

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Trendy summer dresses 2015
Romance and ease: with the advent of spring, these two sensations like most women. For these purposes, just need to wear a dress. Before you choose a new summer dress,…

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Plus size clothing for full. To buy clothes inexpensively

The clothes of the big sizes 56-78

at an affordable price.

Only the highest quality and the best brands.

Really large sizes at reasonable prices.

We are glad to welcome You on our site.

Here we offer You clothes and jeans large size

( 56 to 78 dimensions ) at affordable prices

( from 1300 rubles for more information see the products and prices )

We are working on the production and sale of inexpensive but high-quality service for over fifteen years. During this time, we have accumulated vast experience. The clothes of the big sizes in many respects differs from the service of standard size. For the production of our clothes large size must be used, typically more durable, high-quality and durable fabrics, accessories and other components. Not to mention the fact that the expenditure on the production of this size (just above) is much larger than the usual sizes. Clothes must have full and original pieces. For example when sewing jeans, we use several landings. Low (under belly), medium, and high (on his stomach), but that’s not all. Fabric for the production of denim clothing for fat people, through several washings with use of special enzymes. All this has to be that the tissue has acquired a softer feel and increased resistance to friction. It is natural that the combination of all these measures lead to some increase in cost, but the principle of our work is high quality and affordable price of “Cheap and cheerful”.

Our company has many years engaged in the sale of such product that combines style, elegance and reliability.

Our range includes various kinds of clothes large size both male and female from different manufacturers and all the features one high quality and low price.

Our brands of jeans

New Jordan Silver – sales leaders,

and also.

Miele, Three Heroes, Gold, Barcan

In addition to jeans for men and women we offer top clothing – jackets, coats, vests, t-shirts and much more at the best prices for You (more on goods and prices)

Buying from us you save time and money by getting the best at the best prices!

Women's fashionable dress UK sale, the price is in Odessa. from women's dresses - Novelis - wholesale store
Women's fashion dress UK Cloth. Angora Size 42,44,46 Belt included Every woman knows how can make her life one well chosen dress. After all, for women, clothing is a reflection…


Fashionable women's clothing wholesale, women's Fashion clothing manufacturer, fashion dresses
About company Fashionable women's clothing available today especially. Polish wholesale clothing is practical, elegant, smart and able to satisfy any taste preferences of buyers. E. Levy takes into account all…

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