What kind of dresses are in fashion in 2014
The ease and charm. Always stay in trend every woman dreams of, but how dress in fashion in 2014? What is popular in this season, and what better to give…

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Swimwear 2014: choose a swimsuit
Bathing suit is a special type of clothing, because with its help it is difficult to hide the flaws, rather, it opens them up for General viewing. So choose the…

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The 2014 fashion Clothing for ladies full

Fashion XXI century sets its own laws that do not impose strict requirements to the figure of the woman. On the catwalks with equal success are as thin, and women with three-dimensional forms.Fashion has become more democratic. And overweight women can now afford to wear the clothes, which was previously conned to thin.

What they should have in her wardrobe?

1. A jacket. This season the actual elongated and semi-fitting type. For women with a long neck perfect V-neck. The now fashionable jackets with English and shirt type collar. They go well with pants and pencil skirt.

2 . The vests. They lengthen the figure, visually reduce the side, perfectly combined with trousers and skirts. The trend of the season – plain jackets with a minimum of parts, up to half of the thigh.

3. The pants . Have a number of advantages: practical, strained figure. Now fashion compacted fabric. However, in women it visually makes the legs more full, heavy. Those who like classic style, perfect fit straight trousers dark color. They lengthen the leg and reduce the weight. Those who love the original style, you can use the hit of the season is pants with a stripe at the ankle. They are similar to the Eastern trousers. However, we must remember that women are contraindicated pants Jersey and stretch fabric.

4. The skirt. No longer fashionable to close the slender, beautiful legs skirt below the knee. Perfect for a full women’s – skirts-pencil. They visually narrow hips, elongate the body, making it more feminine. Fashionable still remain and skirts that highlight the waist full figure. Very impressive, looks like the skirt of velvet fabric or color of skin.

5. Blouses . They are essential in the wardrobe full of ladies. Today demand simplified models of shirting type. Wear them over a skirt or trousers.

6. Tunics. Here pay attention to the length. It should be just below the hips. The hit of the season is clothing made of fabric of the same color or combines different shades. Designers are widely used abstraction and slanting lines, but do not give up and vertical lines, as they help to visually reduce the volume, to give a figure of grace.

7. The dresses. Now direct fashion dresses, draping, high waist, and the dress-boxes. Full ladies designers recommend dark shades, which help to hide the flaws.

What is the brand!And how to distinguish branded clothing!
All the famous fashion houses release products in several categories. From service of the highest class to the items of everyday use. The most exclusive and expensive category - clothing…


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