Jackets the autumn-spring 2014
For modern women the choice of clothing is generally considered very difficult. You need to choose the options that could combine the brightness of appearance and at the same time…

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Mens outerwear wholesale from the manufacturer – online store of CH-MOON
  Modern man understands fashion trends are not worse than women. And if earlier the main criteria for the selection of knitwear and outerwear were only the quality and practicality,…

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History outerwear

The story of outerwear goes way back in human history: more than 100 thousand years ago coats of animal skins in combination with thigh bands served as primitive people protection from the cold. During the upper Paleolithic cloaks as the main element of clothing made from leather, and in the Bronze age, the first coats of grass fibers. By the way, in the Alps some shepherds still wear such clothes.

Cloak as the main and only subject outerwear simultaneously appeared in several Nations: in Babylon and Assyria in cloaks walked and warriors, and the local nobility. Purple cloak, decorated with embroidery and fringe, was an indispensable garment ruler. Cloak of coarse woolen cloth of a simple cut was the basic garment of the ancient Jews. In the early middle Ages leather and fur cloaks were used as protection from the cold and the women, and men.

Choice of outerwear

Actually, outerwear can be divided into clothes for the cold winter period and for a lighter, autumn and spring coats.

While selecting clothing for the cold season, consider purchasing a coat or jacket with trim sheepskin: many fashion brands have followed the example Burberry and included such models in their collections. So, for example, coats and a coat with trim sheep fur appeared in collections Sophie Theallet, Phillim Lim, Etro, Margaret Howell, Pamela Roland, Max Mara. A similar solution for many years does not lose its relevance

Designer collections recently replenished also coat from absolutely unconventional for the production of clothing materials. So, American designers Ralph Lauren and Tracy Reese propose an original knitted coat, and Emporio Armani, Max Mara and Donna Karan have included in their collections of garments of velvet – one of the most popular materials in recent years in the production of clothing.

The most popular material for the production of more light clothing remains the skin, which dominates in the collections of the most famous designers.

Outerwear is not only winter and summer. In regard to summer clothing, the choice is not so wide. Usually this bright light cotton jackets.

Outerwear celebrities

The stars also have a favorite outerwear. So, Charlize Theron (Charlize Theron) loves the most lightweight coat from the brand Stella McCartney. Sarah Jessica Parker (Sarah Jessica Parker) prefers biker jacket MiH, but Emma stone (Emma Stone) – wears a coat Max Mara camel color.