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Often heard complaints of Chinese quality, when you break off a piece from a cheap toy or fails  purchased from dealers. However, in any country where you can buy closet…

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Handbags Womens handbags online store Shopping Live - Learn more Designer chic: stylish bags from German designers Handbags from Germany are practical and universal design: they have excellent capacity in…

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Fashion handbags fall-winter 2014-2015

Fashion bags in the new autumn-winter season 2014-2014 is flashy bright colors, fringe and fur, reptile skin, shiny chains and soft texture, imitation of the package, and bags with side handle.

Bags fall-winter 2014-2015

This year the designers decided to combine the sophistication of upland and avant-garde details of High fashion with everyday life. Resulting models were created, that are perfect for shopping and to complete any business image. This bag can be a bag-transformer, which, if necessary, can easily be transformed into a comfortable roomy bag, or a bag that simulates the package itself.

Bags with side handle fall-winter 2014-2015

As soon as the designers did not offer to carry bag: original bag was made to be worn on the shoulder, then they moved into the hands, then the designers proposed to use the long strap to make it comfortable to wear a bag over his shoulder. But this year, the fashionable bags have acquired a new item in the form of a handle on the side.

Bags, boxes fall-winter 2014-2015

As is known baggy bags large size may be suitable not for all occasions. There are times when you simply cannot do without compact small but vibrant handbags. For these purposes, the designers suggest using a small rectangular bags, boxes, shaped like small chests or boxes, in which you can store jewelry.

Bags with fur trim autumn-winter 2014-2015

Because the fur is surely the best decoration of autumn-winter image, the most famous designers presented their collections fall-winter 2014-2015 large number of fur bags. There are fashionable bags as completely made of furs and bags decorated fur inserts.

Bags with fringe fall-winter 2014-2015

Perhaps the most famous method of finishing of handbags is fringe, which frequently become the trend of fashion seasons. Initially, this kind of decoration was associated only with the Wild West and the country style, then the era of the hippies, and now fringe is the main trend of finishing fashionable leather bags, trendy in the new autumn-winter 2014-2015.

Handbags made from the skin of a reptile’s fall-winter 2014-2015

Its popularity, for that season, not lose and bags made of reptile skin. Such bags look self-sufficient and a bit aggressive, they can easily complement the image of any business-lady. Combine these accessories should wear one tone. And in the evening well accentuate the clutch bag made from exotic skin. In the new season bags made from leather of reptiles, many in the fashion collections of the most famous fashion houses.

Textile bags fall-winter 2014-2015

The bag is made from soft textile can give you original and creative romance. Very affordable yet elegant look of the handbags, which perfectly match the leather, textile and solid frame, taken as a basis.

Bags with black and white print autumn-winter 2014-2015

Based bags with black and white print lies graph, which became popular thanks to the cinematography. This allowed designers to combine in their products at the same time the brightness and modesty. The unique character of such bags give the dynamics and rhythm of the picture. Bag with black and white print can be a great touch for creating a business or evening look.

Trendy colors of the bags fall-winter 2014-2015