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What kind of dresses are in fashion in 2014

The ease and charm.

Always stay in trend every woman dreams of, but how dress in fashion in 2014? What is popular in this season, and what better to give up? The main trend for spring 2014 – the lightness and ease. The usual form look natural, do not hold down movements, flying silhouettes emphasize femininity and beauty. The main lines of this season – dresses sophisticated cuts, with many unusual parts and elements or, on the contrary, classic with a minimum of accessories.

What kind of dresses are in fashion in 2014

Color solutions pleasantly surprised: dresses simplified cut pleasing to the eye bright vivid fruitiness. Air, flying silhouettes that accentuate shapely figure, delicate floral ornament reminiscent of the long-awaited summer. It is worth noting that this season wildflowers is one of the most important prints. As for the choice of fabrics for evening models, designers prefer to light fabrics: silk, chiffon, organza; business and casual dress is still relevant in natural linen, cotton and Jersey.

So what dress to choose in accordance with the changing fashion in 2014? Eternal classics presented in a new format. Already familiar to many black dress look special. This form-fitting silhouettes long MIDI lace dress a-line, chaste options with long sleeves or a bold mini dress-bustier; charming short flared models or flowing floor-length dresses. Models draped multi-layered organza or chiffon skirt, gold prints are often compounded by a trend last fall – a white collar.

Fashionable evening dresses

In addition to daily variations of many fashionistas are interested in: what kind of dresses are in fashion in 2014 for special release? Particularly relevant dresses ankle-length, tight-fitting shape, straight silhouette with a small number of innovations. For decoration use different folds, draping and pleating. Evening styles characterized by deep neckline, bare shoulders, sleeveless. In a classic colour palette dominated by rich shades of black, wine, claret, and for summer – bright and light colors.

With evening dress worn shoes, small bag or clutch. To him, the designers do not recommend wearing expensive precious jewelry. Popular vetroresina – dresses with corsets, lacing, adding fur and diamonds, all kinds of lace and assemblies.

Evening dress is mandatory stylish outfit in the wardrobe, because it is intended for publication. Today every woman needs a little short cocktail option or long ankle-length model of elegant fabrics. It’s impossible to walk in the same outfit in the restaurant, on the identical dinner and to the theater.

Whatever your chosen dress, it is necessary to remember that the main thing in fashion in 2014 – a sense of style. The variety of shapes, colors and textures will help to create a unique image and will always remain beautiful, mysterious and coveted!

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