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At work you look great, neat and business-like restraint. What is business clothes? This lack of things too bright colors, mini-skirts and sports models. Business outfits always look stern, but…

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Fashion bags: what is the trend to choose

There is always “that woman” – you know who you are talking about. The woman that always looks great, the woman who can turn an unremarkable dress in magnificent attire, created, seemed specially for her. In short, a woman with an innate sense of style.

However, what makes her clothes so incredibly stylish? Perhaps the secret of her inimitable style is that the selection of accessories – spicy additions to the way she pays no less attention than the choice of clothing. Fashionable handbag is the accessory that distinguishes the normal style from the style.

The selection of fashion bags in accordance with the type of shape

The selection of fashion handbags, the appropriate type of your figure and selected clothing, and yet quite roomy, is challenging and interesting. Here are the main types of handbags that will help you to solve this problem:

Tote – volume roomy bag with handles and an open top.

Hobo – petite shoulder bag in the shape of a Crescent with one handle.

Duffle – long sports shoulder bag, often extending up.

Field bag – shoulder bag sports camp type flat top. Closes this bag a variety of ways: with the help of zippers, buttons or snaps.

Clutch – a small flat bag without handles (often designed for evening wear).

Satchel is roomy bag without handles type “pack”.

Baguette – bag, reminiscent of a French baguette, oblong and rounded with a short handle.

Messenger – large soft shoulder bag, often with long straps. It can be used at the ready. Often, this bag is called “postolianskiy”.

Cigar Box – a small solid handbag in the shape of a box.

Pouch – a small soft bag.

Kelly bag is named after grace Kelly; roomy bag with deliberately emphasized clasps.

Jelly Kelly – roomy rubber beach bag bright colors.

Fashionable handbag with long or short handles? Big or small? Here are a few tips that will help you to understand, in some cases, you need to choose a fashionable bag with short handles.

First of all, look for a bag that will make up for the flaws. Tall girls need to choose a rounded bag, nice plump advise you to pay attention to the bag of square or rectangular shape (e.g. flat clutch). However, we should not forget about the proportions. Petite ladies do not recommend that you choose a huge roomy bag, and a tiny purse on a hand full of women only visually enhance its real volume.

What should be the length of the strap (handle) bags

Don’t forget that fashion trends don’t always fit your figure, often combined with clothing or poorly match the lifestyle. So do not rush to buy a handbag seen in a fashion magazine or girlfriends. Better to spend an extra hour and choose the model that suits you.