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Fashion dresses this year
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Fashion Versailles.

 We ’ s match. We ’ s different.

Fashion Versailles – Belarusian brand, creating dresses for women for over 13 years. The company employs a large team of highly-qualified professionals: designers, tailors, professionals sewing. All together we serve one purpose – the enhancement of aesthetics and beauty in fashion. Our credo – elegance and taste for all ages and figure types. We offer dresses wholesale and retail – both for private customers and large stores in different countries.

The widest and most current catalog from the company ’Fashion Versailles» contains a number of names, among which you can choose dresses on various factors:

– Dimensions,

– Color and design,


– Shape type,

– The price.

Most of our models inherent in elegant, classic concise. But in each model included work of the designers who worked on it to even casual and work clothes looked festive and original. Model company «Fashion Versailles» prefer thousands of women from various professional fields.

We create dresses that create the image of a successful woman.

Dresses for persons special rank, women who are successful and harmonious, know a lot about the style and feel at ease in the world of fashion, culture. Dresses for business and everyday wear «Fashion Versailles” is the model of all sizes and styles.

Women differ in temperament and, with this in mind, we have provided business stylistic solutions for the most different natures:

balanced and calm,

positive and bright,

romantic and delicate,

confident and ambitious,

multifaceted and mysterious.

Most directories are limited in size, providing a model only to certain standards. We have moved beyond and gave dresses both regular and large sizes and with us, any woman is free to search and buy nice clothes.

Quality that does not need advertising

One of the factors of a positive reputation of the company «Fashion Versailles» – excellent quality of all models. It is based on several aspects. The main of them – perfect sewing equipment from European manufacturers, which allows you to produce dresses in large parties, without compromising quality. And we use the best materials and textiles, resistant to the conditions of modern care and washing.

The whole production process in the company is under the control of high level specialists. That’s why we can offer women not only aesthetically attractive and stylish models, but also to ensure their quality.

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