Swimwear 2014: choose a swimsuit
Bathing suit is a special type of clothing, because with its help it is difficult to hide the flaws, rather, it opens them up for General viewing. So choose the…

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Business clothes for full
At work you look great, neat and business-like restraint. What is business clothes? This lack of things too bright colors, mini-skirts and sports models. Business outfits always look stern, but…

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Designer chic: stylish bags from German designers

Handbags from Germany are practical and universal design: they have excellent capacity in a compact size. The designers have carefully thought through how the appearance of bags and domestic: multiple compartments, multiple pockets help to distribute the contents of the bag to easily find the right accessories or documents.

Stylish leather made from natural materials: tender veal or wear-resistant pigskin.

Model leatherette moisture resistant, durable and do not lose shape. Their production humane towards animals and relatively inexpensive, so bags made of artificial leather are present in all collections of German designers.

Handbags of textile are very light, they can be washed, to get rid of street dust, microbes and viruses.

Bags from German designers are equipped with a wide and strong handle, comfortable for wearing on the shoulder and arm. Bag sport style is the textile strap with adjustable length: they are comfortable to wear over the shoulder. Models with a small handle have extra long detachable strap to wear them in any possible way.

Business bags for women have a medium or large sizes to accommodate everything you need in a day women’s accessories.

Evening bags are small, embroidered with sequins, inlaid rhinestones or have an unusual texture. They are complemented by an elegant metal chain, harmonizing with jewelry made of gold or silver.

Metal zippers on models from Germany more reliable than plastic, and no longer fail. The tabs zippers logo, on the front side or placed inside the leather, or metal label brand – AEROSOFT, Caprice, Alfredo Pauly and other Designer handbags with the icon “Exclusive from Germany, sold in Russia only in our online store.