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Summer dress. Discussion on LiveInternet – Russian Service Online Diaries

Stylish and eye-catching summer dress, first of all, captivating contrast of colors of fabrics, from which it is sewn.

In that summer dress you can go to the theater and to the party. Main – to find the right accessories.

For example – wear big dangly earrings and a wide gold bracelet – and in the evening ready!

In addition, this summer dress is very easy to sew on

The pattern of summer dresses 1.

On the pattern front summer dress to postpone 12 cm from the bottom of the armhole at the side seam.

To spend a horizontal line.

Cut the pattern summer dress along these lines ( See. The pattern of summer dresses 1 ).

The neckline of the front half of the dress will halve. From the top of the chest tuck draw a line to the received point.

Cut the pattern of the dresses on these lines and on one side of the chest tuck.

Pin tuck dress align the sides and glue. The opened area of the neckline of the dress or blouse to round the curve ( See. The pattern of summer dresses 2 ).

The excess material formed during the simulation, can fit into small folds or priority.

The pattern backless be modeled as shown on the drawing ( See. Pattern summer dress 4 . )

From the armhole at the side to wait down 12 see to spend a horizontal line.

Cut the pattern backless dresses on line.

On both halves of the pattern – front and back from the edge of the shoulder to wait 2 cm and create a new line of the armhole of the dress on the pattern.

Note: you can further shorten the shoulder (smodelirovat “American proia”, laying on the edge of the shoulder 3-4 cm).

IMPORTANT! If you want to “put” this is a summer dress on the lining, the top of the front lining to carve out the pattern with a chest tuck without changes. ) (Cm. the drawing Pattern summer dresses 1 ).

To handle the neckline and shoulders dresses can selectorname Welt.

Along the middle seam backless dresses to sew a hidden zipper.

Collar summer dress is cut out from the bend. The length of the collar is equal to the length of the neckline of the dress on the pattern.

On the back of the collar sewn 2 air loops and 2 small buttons in tone.

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