“Bogatyr” clothing big sizes
Fashionable men's and women's clothing for full evening dress for full, clothing for women, clothes for full men, fashion for full. The company "Hercules" was founded in 1999. It all…

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Finnish winter clothes for kids - Baby and children, pregnancy, birth, parents.
Finnish winter clothes for children What is important in a child's clothing for the winter, except for comfort and beauty? Interested in how natural materials, their resistance to wear, tailoring…

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Fashionable clothing leather and leather goods

Fashionable outerwear and leather goods OCHNIK/OCHNIK

The OCHNIK company one of the largest in Poland firms that manufacture leather products. The products are fashionable leather and fur clothing, leather goods and accessories of high quality. Buy garments of leather and leather goods more than 60 shops and salons Poland, but also abroad – in Austria, Germany, Russia and other countries.

The trade network OCHNIK in Russia today has about a dozen shops and is constantly expanding. The Company’s success is simple – the company’s products are designed for a wide range of consumers, has the best compared with other firms, the ratio price/quality always meets the latest fashion trends. Product brand OCHNIK are made only from natural raw materials, mainly from the skins of new Zealand sheep. All products are manufactured on the most modern equipment from the finest raw materials. The company cooperates with more than 200 young talented designers from Poland, Italy and other countries, which contribute to the overall success. Collection sew in small series. For the markets of Poland and Russia, the Company is the organisation has been developing special patterns, taking into account the peculiarities of the climate and the specific buyers.

Stylish, top, leather clothing and leather goods OCHNIK participates in international exhibitions and shows, often marked by high awards and diplomas.

Men’s and women’s leather clothing – new collection

Every season OHMIC produces its own collection of Pret-a-porter. full of fresh ideas and new solutions. Stylish outerwear for women and men leather jackets. cloaks, coats, jackets is the basis of such collections. It was around these new line of clothing, leather goods and accessories. You no longer have to pick up a new leather jacket briefcase, bag, or glove, this is already taken care of designers and stylists of the brand. Products of the same line are perfectly combined with each other in design, color, texture and quality of skin. Product brand OHMIC special from the point of view of quality, style and fashion. They take into account the latest trends and used modern solutions. Target audience brand OCHNIK is a dynamic people aged 20 to 55 years, who value high quality and timeless style. OCHNIK is relatively inexpensive upper leather clothing and leather goods for clients with income “Middle” “Middle+”, characterized by an excellent ratio of price and quality. Visit our stores and You will be satisfied with your choice.