Finnish winter clothes for kids - Baby and children, pregnancy, birth, parents.
Finnish winter clothes for children What is important in a child's clothing for the winter, except for comfort and beauty? Interested in how natural materials, their resistance to wear, tailoring…

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Fashionable clothing leather and leather goods
Fashionable outerwear and leather goods OCHNIK/OCHNIK The OCHNIK company one of the largest in Poland firms that manufacture leather products. The products are fashionable leather and fur clothing, leather goods…

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Business clothes for full

At work you look great, neat and business-like restraint. What is business clothes? This lack of things too bright colors, mini-skirts and sports models. Business outfits always look stern, but luxuriously. Clothing for women in the office style is not only costumes but also blouses, dresses, skirts, trousers and jackets. The style of clothes you need to choose carefully in order to disguise the flaws and highlight the advantages. What are the options business service to complete?


To luxury things should be considered coats and jackets. They can successfully hide the chest, if it is large or hide a huge shoulders. However, it should not “hide” in business clothes for full, better to stay on the slightly flared models.

To make the figure visually slim you can wear a blouse – shirt, made in narrow longitudinal stripes. The shirt should fit your size, don’t need too much to fit the figure, however, does not hang, as the hoodie.

As for the color, you should not choose bright shades. For the winter season unsurpassed fit dark cherry, brown, and black tones. In spring and summer, stylists recommend to prefer bright colors in business clothes for full, white, beige.


We should not abandon dresses, if you have a full figure. For curvy shapes, you can choose the trapezoidal model with a high waistline. Looks great on full lady and the sheath dress. Also popular dresses with the smell. Dress “cocoon”, dress “hourglass”, sweater dress, combined with jacket – each of these outfits can be attributed to options business service to complete.

Extrude the silhouette will surely help sewn on the center vertical zipper. Appropriate and will be all the traditional colors: gray, black, brown, beige. In the fall, you can dwell on the rich shades of red and green tones.

The bottom

If you have a curvy figure, you must add to your wardrobe with a classic straight-leg pants. This thing will make you the most taut. Low ladies better to buy pants with elasticised waistband and tapering towards the bottom. To visually elongate the legs, it is recommended to pay attention to models with zautyuzhennoy folds.

With regard to skirts, a classic pencil skirt is knee-length or slightly below the knee is an ideal component of the business service to complete. You can also choose a straight long skirt, which visually lengthens your figure.

When creating a wardrobe in business style full women should also buy shoes pumps. You can wear shoes both high and on a small hill, while it may be square, and you can even buy shoes wedge.

The bag should be of medium size. Jewelry choose soft and modest.

There are many options for business service for full. If the correct approach to the question of choice, you can create a stylish and attractive way.

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