Branded costume or clothing mass tailoring?
When some important celebration or event, men no less than women want to look stylish and noticeable. In this embodiment, they will help a good suit, preferably branded company. What's…

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Children's clothing Aziz clothing spawn AZIZ
TM ’Aziz bebe» Baby clothes ’Aziz bebe" is intended for children from newborn to 6 years. All products ’Aziz bebe» are produced on modern high-tech equipment exclusively from natural soft…

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Fashion dresses this year

Dresses are always in fashion

In every girl’s wardrobe should be dresses, as this garment like no other gives lightness, femininity and style .

Designers declared major trends this year – the elegance, simplicity, effectiveness.

When selecting business dress fashion designers are advised to pay attention to the collection of fairly simple dresses.

For example, Valentino presented his model, characterized by simplicity of form, harmonic inconspicuous flowers, with long sleeves and a high waistline.

Black and white dresses with a few original parts, according to Herrera fashion houses and Altuzarra remain in fashion this season.

Designers also presented at the world podiums dresses coated with bright patterns, drawings that will refresh the image.

Non-trivial collection are presented to the public houses Stella McCartney and Christian Dior. You can see the options of dresses, decorated with inlays of transparent air fabrics. Such models are ideal for the summer season, refreshing and adds lightness. Dresses of transparent and translucent materials require a thorough choice of underwear.

Designers are not spared styles of retro and vintage. Numerous models of the collection are elegant dresses 30-ies of the last century. Femininity and originality will give way long dresses in the style of 70-ies. These dresses can be found in the fashion collections from Valentino. Fans of the fashion trends of the 90s again got the opportunity to show off in dresses with voluminous shoulders. These outfits also were dressed models on the catwalks of fashion houses.


Quite relevant to this season’s dresses in the Greek style – long to the floor, from air, light fabrics, pastel or white. This model is widely represented designers Chloe and Lanvin.

Creative, imaginative individuals should pay attention to the collection of designers Victor & Rolf dress featuring a lot of metal, Shine.

When choosing a color dresses can rely on your taste – known designers hailed as a monotone, and brightness, and color variety.

Skirts-bottoms - fashion news, fashion 2014
Юбка-клеш, мы видим плотно подогнаны вокруг талии и простираются от бедра вниз в виде более - плиссированные вентиляторов или различных складок. Складка на этих юбках не обычно делается. Эти юбки…


Jackets the autumn-spring 2014
For modern women the choice of clothing is generally considered very difficult. You need to choose the options that could combine the brightness of appearance and at the same time…

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