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Belarusian dresses for women Dresses from Belarus are very popular with women who want to look beautiful.All women know that the clothes from the Belarusian designers distinguish a stylish fit,…

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The 2014 fashion Clothing for ladies full
Fashion XXI century sets its own laws that do not impose strict requirements to the figure of the woman. On the catwalks with equal success are as thin, and women…

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Jackets the autumn-spring 2014

For modern women the choice of clothing is generally considered very difficult. You need to choose the options that could combine the brightness of appearance and at the same time comfort and warmth. Fashion trends this year provide us with many elegant and chic solutions. Therefore, it is necessary to study all the trends and pick up the jacket, which could emphasize your respectability and at the same time warmed on cold days. Let’s explore modern suggestions of experienced designers and choose for themselves the most delicate, exquisite and delightful solutions.

Knitted jacket

Probably many women know about what Jersey is able to fully meet all of our requirements. Knitted jackets this season combines brightness, boldness, sophistication and undeniable respectability. Many options offered by modern fashion designers, made in sporty style, so every woman will find the solution that is entirely worthy of her attention.

Extravagant models

Naturally brightness in things – the choice of most stylish and modern women. The good thing is that couturier has developed a lot of interesting choices that combine incredible style and sexuality. Very popular will be the leather jacket short sewing blue, white, cream and brown tones. Examples of such solutions, you will find a lot remains to choose the product to suit your figure.

Short leather jacket

Probably, almost every woman knows how bright and stylish look short leather jacket. This type makes the image perfect, intriguing and stylish. An ideal solution under jeans and short skirt. The actual will be a black leather jacket, complemented by a wide elastic band at the bottom.

Extra long and insulated jackets

On the cold weather you need to choose long jackets. Some of the options seem almost like a coat or de down jacket. However, still they are called jackets, and so we will pay attention to these products considering the most popular and relevant ways. First, it should be noted that the fashion will be extra long jacket trimmed with fur, made in classic style. Necessarily fitted and added a belt. Actual colors – blue, brown, beige, purple and scarlet.

Kuroki “men’s shoulder”

A very interesting variation of the jackets, which combines some men’s style and at the same time have a feminine and delicate notes. Very popular will be the leather jacket without additional accessories, men’s style. Interesting solution for the most demanding and discerning women.

Creative models

Many women want to make their way unimaginable luxury and at the same time individual. In this case, you need to consider creative solutions. Very urgent will become short jacket made of leather, made in rock style. You also need to pay attention to products, complemented by floral prints, interesting and very luxurious. Not less popular will be the jacket classic tailoring of white flowers, varnish coating. Very bright and romantic.

Stylish solutions

Of course, the jacket is not always the basis of heat, and very often it’s just an additional element to your style. In this case, we recommend you to pay attention to the jacket-Bolero, which are made of valuable options leather, complemented by a minimum of accessories. No less interesting option is a short jacket that combines leather and knitwear. Lovers of the classics will appreciate the simple and straightforward products straight cut white leather, additionally decorated with varnished surface.

Quilted jacket

These jackets are very interesting because of its texture, among other things, they are light and comfortable to wear. This season will be relevant autumn Kuroki, not long, complemented by accessories in the form of fur rim. Very interesting and feminine option, you are able to impress and give you undeniable style.

Winter jackets

This year designers have surpassed all our expectations, giving our attention very warm and at the same time incredibly feminine jacket. Interesting the warrant, which has a very wide belt can accentuate your slim, down jacket is processed with natural fur. Catchy and fun, the perfect solution for the most demanding of socialites.

Comfortable jacket from including desigual