Jackets the autumn-spring 2014
For modern women the choice of clothing is generally considered very difficult. You need to choose the options that could combine the brightness of appearance and at the same time…

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Branded costume or clothing mass tailoring?
When some important celebration or event, men no less than women want to look stylish and noticeable. In this embodiment, they will help a good suit, preferably branded company. What's…

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Cons Jeans. Wholesale clothing from Turkey to Moscow from the manufacturer!

Wholesale clothing from Turkey to Moscow from the manufacturer!

Male and female clothes by the gross in Moscow from Turkey from the manufacturer!

Evening dresses Lawiggi, dresses Corleone Exclusive, dresses in bulk from the manufacturer!

Top wholesale clothing jacket, jackets for wholesale. Jeans from Turkey cheap from a warehouse in Moscow. A new collection of jeans arrived at the warehouse. Low price, high quality, convenient order.

Wholesale clothing manufacturer Cons Jeans .

Cons Jeans looking for partners on mutually beneficial conditions for wholesale youth service European brand Jeans and Cons of the Italian brand Corleone.

Clothing from the manufacturer Cons Jeans is stylish and fashionable men’s and women’s clothing, classic and youth jeans, knitwear, dresses, shirts, belts, blouses, jackets, t-shirts, shorts, capris, t-shirts, tunics, vests, skirts, sweaters, sport hoodies, t-shirts, sweatshirts, vests, sweatshirts zipper.


Turkish company Cons Jeans works on the market since 1977

As well as cooperate with the Italian brand Corleone

Standards wholesale supplier service Cons Jeans :

-Effective and substantial discounts.

-Minimum order clothes by the gross total of 10 000 rubles

-Provision of all appropriate documents for the supply of wholesale clothing.

-Transportation service at the destination in Moscow free of charge.

-Advertising support clothing stores.

-Information in advance on receipts of new service models and collections.

-Assistance in opening a clothing store

Benefits of ordering clothes wholesale from us.

-High quality clothes, one of the best factories of Turkey.

-Tailoring according to European standards.

-15 years experience in the clothing market

-One of the largest showrooms in Moscow.

Office, showroom and warehouse in one place.

-Flexible working conditions.

Different price categories.

-Organization of delivery.

Men suits wholesale, shirt wholesale from the manufacturer in Moscow.


from 1 to 10 %

Discounts on the sale of the model up to 85% !

Shipment of goods is carried out in day payments in distance order (next day, if the payment is in the evening)

When you pickup the item typed in the showroom in the presence of the client, execution of all appropriate documents.

If necessary, conclude a supply contract and provide a full package of certificates for all products.

minimum invoice amount of ten thousand roubles.

All the goods in the original packaging, remote order additionally Packed in bags or boxes.

In Moscow, the goods are delivered free of charge, including to any convenient transportation companies in distance order.

Jeans wholesale from Turkey to Moscow with factory Cons

New collection 2013-2014 is already on sale, knitwear, shirts, autumn and winter models!

Discounts and sales today! check rates!

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