Jackets the autumn-spring 2014
For modern women the choice of clothing is generally considered very difficult. You need to choose the options that could combine the brightness of appearance and at the same time…

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Clothing store in Tver women clothing big sizes
Shop elegant women's clothing Tverskaya noblewoman". it ’Tverskaya noblewoman» is a clothing store in Tver. It has everything! From underwear and tights to shawls and scarves. There is everything to…

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Top women’s clothing wholesale in Ukraine youth and fashion model

All products

Catalogue of stylish and young women’s clothing

At the beginning of each season, women tend to change in appearance. Often the desire for change is associated with changes in their own wardrobe. Each season of youth fashion should a new design trends and so many things are replaced by new beautiful, fashionable and stylish.

Our catalog seasonally updated with current models. Light summer dress made from light fabrics, warm winter jackets and coats, ladies coats — our designers create for you an extremely stylish clothes.

You can order the original youth clothing at retail or wholesale.

In clothes from TM Origa you are always in trend!

Fashionable wholesale clothing in Ukraine

Fashionable and stylish clothes wholesale in Ukraine with original design solutions from TM Origa! Due to the variety presented , women will be able to complement your wardrobe or fully up to date. In the catalog fashionable clothing from the manufacturer with a variety of styles, styles and colors. Beautiful costumes, jumpsuits, coats and jackets will help to emphasize the dignity of appearance.

Every woman wants to be beautiful at any time of the year. Origa offers you fashionable, incredibly warm winter jackets and coats, made with the latest trends. Our clothing not only keeps you warm, but also make beautiful.

All models are made by professional designers with modern equipment company. Range of sizes from 40 to 58. We offer good conditions for dealers buy wholesale branded things – just call us and learn more!

Outerwear wholesale from the manufacturer in Ukraine

Qualified experts create new styles of clothing for sale on the company’s automated production company. All products are brand Origa made of fabrics from renowned suppliers Italy, Poland, Korea, Turkey.

Exclusive top women’s clothing wholesale – this is a high-quality, beautiful and showy spring-summer and autumn-winter collection, which is designed according to individual design projects. In stock – stylish model of the classical style, as well as youth, business or dressy.

Features female models ’ORIGA»

Dress – this is one of the few items of female clothing for hundreds of years. Trendy styles made long, short, free and fitted with original cut and a variety of colors. Thanks to the choices women will be able to experiment with an individual.

For sewing spring-summer collection specialists use fabric with a low content of lycra and natural fabrics (cotton, linen). Special attention is paid designers choice furniture that meets the latest fashion trends. For top fashion autumn-winter are warm fabrics are not afraid of namakani.

The company is equipped with the latest equipment, which is constantly updated. The production is under the control of the quality impeccable tailoring. Thanks to the professionalism of the designers ensured harmonious combination of elegance, style and comfort in the collections. Sundresses, skirts, dresses and other women’s outerwear from the manufacturer in bulk help to emphasize the femininity and complement the image of a modern and stylish lady.

Cooperation with the company ’ORIGA»

The company opens new opportunities for wholesale and retail customers. All products on our site are available to order – you can buy large or small wholesale summer and winter outfits to replenish your products in original and quality products. We accept orders from 4 units, composed of a cooperation agreement. Work with any city of Ukraine and abroad.

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