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Fashion 1983

This section is devoted to two topics: clothing for young and elegant clothes, 1983. This connection is not accidental – the youth and fancy clothes are always the most acute and reflects the fashion and the changes that are expected. Young always strive to be original, originality, first begin to wear unusual shapes and cuts of clothing. So, they immediately put unusual coveralls and overalls, Golf pants, Bermuda, showed an active interest in non-traditional off-season clothes – bulky jackets, overcoats, carcoats from modern fabrics with new character details finishes.

Youth closet is not limited to any one type of service, it includes all possible options. But the wide range preference is given to clothing versatile, practical, picturesque. In recent years, according to these criteria in youth closet were selected mainly sports clothing style.

In 1983 suits young become somewhat more feminine, more romantic. There are many ruffles, ruches, frills, embroidery, lace. However, this does not mean that sports style surrendered their positions. And youth clothing and clothing people more of its age, it still occupies one of leading places.

A notable feature of fashion in recent years has been a mixture of styles, so romantic gown, trimmed with lace, can have a strong bodice and athletic in nature blouson connect with classic skirt-pleated. The most common youth kit is a set composed of a jacket or jacket type blouson and skirts or trousers (overalls, dungarees).

This set is often supplemented with a thin sweater, a variety of blouses. All youth clothes according to the fashion has somewhat increased (which makes it especially convenient), runs from inexpensive wool, wool blend, blended, synthetic fabrics and materials. Love young tissue in a cage, strip.

Fancy clothes, 1983 – a special kind of service

The web site includes many models of a universal character, which is quite possible to combine the heading “from morning till evening”. All this so-called multifunctional clothes where in the morning you go to work, and in the evening, adding the necessary accessories, theatre, concert, guests. However, there is another clothing, appropriate only in an atmosphere of celebration, big celebration, and such clothing. Widely used in smart clothing fabric with spectacular design: velvet, brocade, chiffon, knitted fabric with a shiny surface, thin crepes, satin material cloth with lurex thread.

Great attention has been paid to the decor. Most current graphic in nature finish. Contrasting edgings identify the structural lines or frame edge details. In addition to edges, clothing decorated with welts, stripes, details of the different texture fabrics.

A very common finish in the output clothing became embroidery, especially the threads of lurex. Gold and silver threads are made of the edge of the skirt, flounces, yokes and inserts on the bodice. In a purely outlet clothes more often than in clothes everyday purposes, there are sharp, bold proposals, addressed to those who are not afraid to go in the forefront of fashion.

Such clothing is extravagant evening bib jacket with thin knitted fabric. Along with the very fashionable youth and elegant clothes,  placed clothes everyday nature for those “over 30”.

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A story of skirts
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